Do Wild Rabbits Eat Peanuts

Given a chance, your rabbit will try to recreate that habitat in your home or garden. Can rabbits eat peanuts? We welcome new members, please and say hello, tell us about your rabbits or ask advice. Like walnuts, peanut butter—which is also high in fat—should be avoided. Like dog urine, rabbit urine is acidic and will kill grass in spots wherever it occurs. What is poisonous to rabbits? There are many common foods, plants and weeds that are poisonous to rabbits and it is helpful to identify some of these. Most chips/crisps will provide fat and salt, but not much protein. I was taught to do it with certain respects paid to safety, the animal, and nature--so it teaches responsibility, respect, and other valuable qualities. Welcome to the board! Do you have a picture of Faye you could post? We love pictures here.